MT6592 ROM Testers Needed

Hello People,

Needed Urgently, I need good experienced porters, If you have ported atleast 5 ROMs to your device then mail me. It is very important

Currently i have been focusing on MT6592 development, but it is much harder than developing for Other MT65XX chipsets. So, I need some ROM testers who are running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat with MT6592 chipsets.

Anyone interested please email me :
In the e-mail you must tell me the reason why you want to be a tester of my ROM

I currently have 2-3 ROMs which are in need for testing

For any further information please email me

And you must agree to my Terms & Conditions before you are eligible for testing ROMs. 
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  1. Hi Admin,
    Im author of I have device mt6592 running in kitkat,. I'm willing to test your rom and post in my blog with your permission. Thank you!

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  3. I can help you I have till now ported 20+ bugless mt6592 Roms..for my kiktat devicess...if you need ROM testers ..please contact me.. You told to mail you but can't see your mail address...anyway...I also have experience in Porting mt6577. Roms


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