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UPDATE : Video on MTK Porting guide has been uploaded!!! Full HD 1080P resolution. Please subscribe to my channel and don't forget to press the Thumb's up button. This will encourage me to make more video guides
The video can be found here :

Hello people I have made a forum for our beloved MTK devices. I would be really glad if you guys would sign up for the forum and post stuff in it. The posts can incluse any bug reports, questions, share your own roms, post stock ROMs for your devices so other can download it. Port ROMs from my website and make a post about it only in my forum, so other people with the same devices can flash them. You can add or any link shorteners in the posts so you will benefit from it too. Post ported ROMs made by other and you may do anything that you do in other forums. And I will reply to every post and questions you may have regarding any ROM. 

ALSO, if you would like me to add any features in the forums, I will do that too. I want to make this forum very helpful and at the same time profitable to you by adding link shorteners.

Visit The Forum 

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    1. click on the Forum button next to the Root any MTK

  2. If very good proposal and I will join friend I'll help you with your forum soon will finish the class and can help you if you send me your facebook profile or twitter can be in contact and greetings from Latin America: my Email :

    1. thank you i could really use help to make this forum better.


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