[4.4.2] Pure Xperia UI For MT6592

Custom ROM For MT6592

Pure Xperia UI ported to MT6592. Super smooth, fast and 100% Xperience UI.
This ROM is called Xceptional XPERIA™ Xperiance
This ROM is based on Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z2. It is clean AOSP based ROM tweaked for ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE and is designed for devices running MT6592 Octa-Core chipsets.

Please use this for your own personal use. And do not share this ROM anywhere else.
Thank You, Please appreciate the hard work and enjoy the ROM

Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. A lot.

Screenshots :

Benchmarks :

Credits :
The origianl dev (not me)
Me - For The Porting guide and for providing support for porting this ROM

Features :
- Google Apps Integrated and working
- Added important apps already
- Z3 Launcher
- Z3 Apps Walkman (latest), Album (latest) Movies (latest)
- X reality Engine, Beats audio integrated, Bravia Engine 3 integrated
- Smart Sound Manager automatically adjust sounds according to the song.
- Z2 Framework
- Z2 Settings
- Z2 Animation
- Led notification Controller
- Touch key light Controler
- Autostart manager
- ListView Animation
- RAM Progress Bar Recent
- Simple Home (More like car mode)
- Xperia Z2 SystemUI
- Xperia Z2 Media Apps (Movie Creator, Video & Music Unlimited)
- Xperia Z2 Apps (Clock, Calculator, Notes, Sketch, Socialife, Select, Email,                Calendar,Downloads, Sound Recorder)
- Xperia Z3-Z2 Widgets (Camera, Clock[Z3], Walkman[Z3], Photo, Weather, World Clock, Top Contacts, recent, tools)
- Latest Xperia Keyboard and Google Material Keyboard
- Xperia Z2 Fonts
- Xperia Z2 Smart Social Camera
- Xperia Z3 Wallpapers
- Xperia Z2 Sounds with few more goodies
- Xperia bootanimation and shutdown animation
- Amazing RAM Management (Even I didn't expect that good!)
- Battery Saving tweaks
- Xposed + Gravity Box Pre-installed- No Bloatwares
And much more! 

Download : Pure Xperia UI Download For MT6592 
and SuperSU.zip

How to Port :
- Here is the step by step video guide : Kitkat ROM Porting Guide

- Delete /system/apps,frameworks,fonts,media,priv-app and build.prop invstock ROM
- Copy the above mentioned folders and build.prop from Port to Stock ROM
- If there are any extra folders inside /system of Port ROM then copy and paste them in Stock ROM

Note : The below steps will be done outside the /system folder

- Now delete META-INF and any other file inside Stock ROM except for boot.img and system folder
- Now copy all files and folders except boot.img and system folder from Port to Stock ROM 
- Now edit mount points in the new /META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script 
Note : If you do not have your stock updater-script follow the steps from step 18 to edit mount points without stock-updater-script : Edit mount points

Second Method (Not recommended)
-Replace boot.img from stock to port
-Edit mount points in updater-script follow the guide from step 18 from here : Edit Mount Point Tutorial
-Delete /system/etc/firmware,wifi,bluetooth,security folders in port ROM
-Copy and paste the following folders /system/etc/firmware,wifi,bluetooth,security from stock to port 

Follow below steps if bugs are found :
-Go to stock ROM /system/etc/permissions/ press Ctrl+A
-Then Press Ctrl+C
-Then Go to Port ROM /system/etc/permissions/ and press Ctrl+V
-A popup will appear press Replace 

Pure Xperia UI For MT6592

[4.4.2] Pure Xperia UI For MT6592 [4.4.2] Pure Xperia UI For MT6592 Reviewed by MTK Hacker Pro on 9:41 PM Rating: 5


  1. Hi ajay I successfully install the rom but some bug unable to open camera. Flash light not working. On gallery pictures will blank on open.
    video player will not working opening on viedo show green, And bad sound will comes. On incoming call & notifaction plz help to fix this issues .

    1. First of all I am Ajit and NOT Ajay.
      Second : There are two guides I believe you used the second one. You must use the first method

    2. I used ur two guide a re port the Rom successfully. Flashed but stuck at boot animation I do all . Plz help

    3. you are doing something wrong. Look at the below comment ROM has been ported already successfully. Redo the steps

  2. Amazing Ajit! Everything worked fine! :D Hey dude! I've seen a new post here about resurection remix LP5.1 ROM... I was wondering if u can port it for MTK6572 Devices with 4.2.2... Really i've waited too much time to see something like and as u are amazing on this things like ROM Developement and porting, i was wondering if u can port it pls? Really i'll appreciate that, really will be amazing, hope u reply! Thanks for all! :)

    1. I do not take port requests and this not a place to post your requests. And no the ROM cannot be made for MT6572 4.2.2

  3. Rom successfully Flashed, but stuck at boot animation . Plz help

    1. ROM is fully working and has been tested by me.
      Have you ported the ROM the way it has been specified in the post above ? You must try both the methods

  4. I get this

    "error executing update binary in zip"

    What will be the problem?? :|

    1. are you using a suitable recovery ? which supports flashing 4.4.x roms ? and also your ROM might be corrupted

    2. Corrupted??? *

      Ya I'm installing in canvas gold 4.4.4 - so kernel supports 4.4.* roms

      It flashes upto 60% then it shows the error code... I have tried with several update script files.

    3. replace the whole META-INF in the ROM with another META-INF

    4. i will try and get back ... Mr.MTK Hacker

  5. Waiting for your reply - im back to stock ... :(

  6. Hey!
    Just to say, iam the same age as that of yours, moreover share quite similar interests.
    I know the MTK-6592t is just the turbo version, higher kernel clocked version of the stock one. This make negligible changes, thus why do we hear people complaining and whinint if they can handle up the port?
    Coming to MY point here:
    1. Where exactly is ther kernel file? Are you equipped to tweak them?
    2. I really dont understand what technically makes your second method "Not Recommended"?
    3. Would be glad to catch you in personal?!
    4. What exact phone do you have? Just curious :)

    1. 1. MT6592t is not just a overclocked MT6592, inface MT6592T is itself a different chipset with MT6592 kernel base with some modifications which are using a different vendor tree than MT6592. So some more technical stuff that makes it similar at the same time different from MT6592.
      2. The 2nd method works for a few devices only, so not recommended
      3. I live in Nepal. Here is my email : ajit4guraya@gmail.com
      4. I own multiple MTK devices and I prefer to keep them a secret

  7. just couple question, my phone is already rooted, i have a fake lenovo v603
    mt6592 4 gig ram.if i'm right i dont have to port. porting is only for stock rom?

    thanks. im new to this.

    1. you need to port all the ROMs which are not made for your device

  8. i only have 2go storage on my phone will it work?

    or i was thinking of Lightweight Lollifox.


    1. storage is no problem,
      or if you want Lollifox I am making a new official Lollifox for MT6592 which is even better than the previous one

  9. i have a problem understanding porting,my device is mt6592 so do i have to port if the custom rom is made for mt6592.

    thanks again.

    1. obviously you need to port it first dude, I added the porting guide for a reason

  10. Helllo!!
    My Volume+power not work
    How to fix ? help me pls
    Sorry for Bad english

    1. replace generic.kl from stock to port

    2. or replace usr folder from stock to port but keep the existing stock ROM files if you ported ROM using Method One

  11. Now. button Volume+power worked
    Thank you so much
    and .i have more question
    How to get softkey in touchscreen?
    my mobile not have softkey on device have only touchscreen
    i really sry for bad english

    1. find "qemu.hw.mainkeys=" in build.prop and if the value is 1 mke it 0 if value is 0 make it 1. save and reboot

  12. Replies
    1. as long as it is MT6592 running android 4.4.2. Port only for your own personal use

  13. Bro it's working in my canvas gold a300 or not

  14. Thanks bro it's not for my canvas gold a300

  15. hi ajit
    i was success fully installed after boot into android sim cards not detecting and wifi not scanning its simply searching i was tried both methods but no use can you give me possible solutions my mobile was micro-max e313

    1. did you replace /etc/firmware,wifi,security,bluetooth

  16. yes i did and after flashing this rom went to stock rom using sp flashing tool no sim was detecting please share the possible solution to restore my imei no i tried everything but no use i cannot able to restore

  17. ok now im success fully flashed rom but mountng problem facing even internal and external

  18. and also same imei no problem too

  19. Will it work on my micromax canvas gold a300, i like Xperia smartphones, i am so excited to flash it on my phone

  20. it keeps on rebooting, how can i solve this problem sir?

  21. Replies
    1. read what the title says MT6592, read what the post contains a "porting guide" what else ydo you wnat. Use some amount of common sense rather than people having to spoon feed you

  22. Romu indirdim ama yukleyemedim .acilista takiliyor . bir cozum onerisi olan var mi .

  23. Is it also recommended to replace lib files


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