[5.1.1] AICP For MT6592

Lollipop For MT6592

Presenting you AICP Lollipop 5.1 the KING of all ROMs. It has a lot and lot of features, you might even die trying to figure out all these features. It is still in testing phase and has bugs. But I realized that bugs don't matter when you get to taste the King Of ROMs in MTK. This has a Android 4.4.2 kernel but it is 100% Lollipop and not a theme. This means that any MT6592 running 4.4.2 will be able to now run Android 5.1 using my porting guide.

Rom review here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE34FH4mV9c
Note : The review is on AICP V1 but I updated it to V2 which is much better and faster with all bugs fixed.

Changelog V2 :
Fixed all major bugs and some some minor bugs
Fixed SIM, can be used to call now
Added Camera App - Finally !!!
Added Video recording
Fixed the DPI changer in settings
Increased video encoder quality
Super high quality audio !!!
And much more

This ROM has been powered by http://mtkroms.com
Give proper credits and link to this post always. The credits should be given at the top of the post. Saying "This ROM has been powered by http://mtkroms.com, the original ROM can be found at http://www.mtkroms.com/2015/08/aicp-cyanogenmod-lollipop-for-mt6592.html" This is a must, lot of hardwork has gone to make this ROM

Download : AICP For MT6592

Screenshots :

ROM Features:

How To Port :
This is only for experienced ROM porters. I will not take any port requests. I will delete any comment which is regarding to port this ROM to any device. A big NO.

Step by Step guide here : Guide
Replace from stock to port :
- kernel or zimage depending on the tool you use
- libmali.so
- hwcomposer.mt6592.so

You must flash this with a Kitkat supported recovery. Such as the latest PhilZ or TWRP recovery. DO NOT post any comments or bug reports if you flash this with other recoveries

Credits :
Ajit : For Fixing Bugs, Updating the ROM, for developing porting guide and providing support
Ricky Aditya - Original Dev
CM team
SlimBean rom team
CarbonRom team
LiquidSmooth rom team
Omni rom team
DU team
And you all for the continued support
- fire855 - For his Cyanogenmod Build For Base ROM
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