[5.1][DOWNLOAD] BlissPOP For MT6582

Lollipop For MT6582

Presenting you BlissPOP For MT6582. This ROM is the Emperor of all Lollipop based ROMs because of it's simple and elegant design. Designed to outdo the best out there. The fastest, smoothest and best AOSP real Lollipop 5.1 based Custom ROM for MT6582 devices running Kitkat. This is real CM 12.1 based ROM and not a themed ROM which can be ported to all MT6582 devices running 4.4.x

This ROM has been powered by http://mtkroms.com
Give proper credits and link to this post always. The credits should be given at the top of the post. Saying "This ROM has been powered by http://mtkroms.com, the original ROM can be found at http://www.mtkroms.com/2015/08/blisspop-lollipop-for-mt6582.html" This is a must, actions will be taken if you do not do this
Here are the conditions you must agree to if you want to share :
1. If you are going to share give the link of this website in your post so that people can come to this site to download the original ROM, Do not at any case modify the ROM and upload it somewhere else. You must ask the users to come to this website and download the ROM
2. In your post add the guide on how you ported this to your device so other's can port it the same way
3. Make a patch which can be flashed after flashing the original ROM from this website so that the ROM works on your device
If these conditions are not met then action will be taken on you. This is a strict WARNING !

Note :This is only for experiencing Lollipop in your device. It has bugs, but there aren't any major bugs, It can be used as a daily driver. Please do not report any bugs, lot of hard work has gone into making this ROM, just appreciate it and enjoy real Lollipop in your device

Download: BlissPOP For MT6582

Screenshots :

Features :

How to Port :
This is only for experienced ROM porters. I will not take any port requests. I will delete any comment which is regarding to port this ROM to any device. A big NO.

Step by Step guide here : Guide
Replace from stock to port :
- kernel or zimage depending on the tool you use
- libmali.so
- hwcomposer.mt6582.so

You must flash this with a Kitkat supported recovery. Such as the latest PhilZ or TWRP recovery. DO NOT post any comments or bug reports if you flash this with other recoveries

Credits :
- Ajit Guraya : For fixing bugs, updating ROM, for developing porting guide and providing support
- ricky_adhitya
- moonrotation 
- Vortex1969
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