[Tutorial] Install Real AOSP Lollipop On Any MT6582 and MT6592 Device.

Lollipop For any MTK device

Here is a step by step guide to install Cyanogenmod 12.1 based Custom ROMs on your MT6582 or MT6592 device running Android Kitkat 4.4.x

Note : This guide is only for experienced porters, and for people who have experience with using Android Kitchen

Things you need :

1. A real Lollipop based Custom ROM with kernel 3.4.67

- Here is a list of all the real Cyanogenmod 12.1 ROMs For MT6582 and MT6592 :
vi) BlissPOP For MT6582 (most beautiful and elegant Lollipop based ROM) - COMING SOON

2. Have Android Kitchen and Cygwin Setup properly - Guide Here
3. A good enough ROM porting experience
4. Experience of using Android Kitchen properly

How to :
1. Download any of the ROM above and then place it in original_update
2. Setup a working folder
3. After setting it up, Type 0
4. Type 12
5. Type w
6. After unpacking is completed you will get a new folder called BOOT-EXTRACTED
7. In Android Kitchen, Type a
8. A new folder will be created inside the Kitchen folder
9. Copy and paste your stock boot.img inside the newly created folder
10. After unpacking is completed, you will get two folders :
a. BOOT-EXTRACTED - Unpacked boot.img of the CM ROM you downloaded
b. bootimg_xxxxxx_xxxxxx - Unpacked boot.img of Stock ROM
11. Open bootimg_xxxxxx_xxxxxx folder and you will find "zImage" copy it
12. Open BOOT-EXTRACTED folder delete "zImage" and paste the stock "zImage"
13. Now open Android Kitchen, Type b
14. After repacking is complete go to the Working folder that you created earlier
15. There you will find boot.img, that boot.img is the newly ported boot.img
16. Now unzip the CM ROM you downloaded

17. Copy the newly ported boot.img and paste it in the CM ROM you downloaded, replacing the boot.img that was already there
18. Now find and replace :
a. hwcomposer.mt65xx.so
b. libmali.so
19. Change mount points in updater-script, if you don't know how then follow the guide from Step 18 :Edit Mount Points
20. ZIP the ROM and use Latest PhilZ or TWRP recovery to flash the ROM

For bug fixing follow this guide : Guide here
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