[MOD] Pure Audio 2.0 For All Devices

***Download at the bottom of this post***

A new brand of audio studio-quality on your phone™

The Real Pure Audio Engine

This mod version is designed especially to bring your phone into a brand new sound level,
that you never seen before.

I can assure you that isn't a magic or nothing correlated with the fantasy, but just a simple powerful mod
that you can flash in two minutes to reach an entire life of music enjoying!

The New Features

- Introducing the PureEQ,

a new system-level component that powerfully works on the output audio part of your phone

- Updated the Beats extras libraries to the latest one

- Updated the xLoud extras libraries to the latest one

- New audio parameters in the system/etc up to 3-5-5-3-8

- Better compatibility with JellyBean 4.3 and KitKat 4.4

- Less battery consumption
- Better compatibility with other mods
- Beats peqimages updated to solo/mixr headphones
- New 320 kbps conversion algorithm
- Zip package size of only 1.04mb with all these new stuffs
- Introducing Smart Player, a trickster-like app for PureAudio 2.0
What is Smart Player, and why I should use it?

Smart Player is a new Music Player based on the well known Apollo, I had to use Apollo as base to
speed up my work, but why you need Smart Player to complete the user experience of this mod?

 With Smart Player you can enjoy all the PureAudio 2.0 features.
There are two version: the free one is like apollo, with just a brand new banner and audio parameters.
it's yes like apollo (or at least it resembles the layout) but with a fully enabled PureEQ and some
others battery/memory improvements provided from some android passioned friends, you can verify that
becouse the graphical stock equalizer don't makes any audio changes as explained that, due my custom PureAudio parameters.
The app thread with both downloads links from the Play Store is this, looks the tread if you want more infos.
Anyway, I've spent the last month to working on this app, my latest 4 months to work on this mod and I want
that you, yes, you, will get the full power of PureAudio!

(Works only with certain devices)

New Compatibility

This Audio Engine works on GB/ICS/JB/CM9/10.x/AOSP ICS/ KitKat on any nexus and non-nexus devices, it doesn't work on any CM7.x.

Tips to avoid conflicts

For a better perception of sound using headphones;
Want to port this Audio Engine to another device?
No problem, however, you should enter the credits, located under!

Don't use DSP Manager, it will conflict with this mod

Flash This : PureAuido
Install This Apk : Smart Player


Dj Lorenz
Jeeko - For this tweka
Ajit - Making some adjustments for MTK
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  1. Does it work for 4.2.2 jb with mt6582 engine !?

  2. I am trying to get pass the Add link... but it sims much Harder this time...

  3. Working fine on mt6582 v4.2.2 jb...
    But it took more than two hours trying to get this two files through the adfly website..
    Thanks Ajit

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Is this compatiable with MT6592 running your 5.1.1BlissPop ROM?
    Also, is it giving better outphut than audioFX?

  6. Can i use this mod along with viper4abdroid? Caus i hv v4a installed and i dont wanna remove it...

    1. not tested. There might be conflicts but you can try

  7. does it work with pussyfap beast rom for mt6572?

    1. is it supposed to install a pure audio app or something because i cant find any difference. how do i know it is working??

    2. the link of the app is in the post

    3. i flashed the zip ,installed the app and selected equilizer which took me to dolby atmos control, which is ok because until today dolby dint work

  8. Think it's an improvement. Nice app BTW, the mod doesn't seems to conflict with the Speed Booster one.Think i got some more bass at least with same headphones. Thanks for sharing!

    *Stock KK on Lenovo A916


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