Official support for MT6591

Good new for people using MT6591. I have now officially added support for MT6591 devices !!!
Here is a list of custom roms for MT6591 : Custom ROMs For MT6591

Note : I know that these ROMs are for MT6592 but they can be ported to MT6591 in the same way you port ROMs from MT6592 to MT6592.

I will now provide full support for MT6592 to MT6591 porters (which I didn't do before :p sorry guys) but now you can enjoy ROMs for your MT6591 device too. Hooray !!!

And you know where this is going ? You will now be able to port MT6592 lollipop based ROMs to your MT6591 devices running android kitkat 4.4.x

But remember one thing you can only port these ROMs for your own personal use and not for sharing. Appreciate the hard work that goes in building the ROMs, and enjoy. If you want other people to get Lollipop in their MT6591/MT6592/MT6582 devices just give the link of the ROM post of this website, they can download the ROM and port it themselves since the guides are in the post.

Official support for MT6591 Official support for MT6591 Reviewed by MTK Hacker Pro on 8:28 AM Rating: 5


  1. pls add mt6572 Ultra Gaming Rom i want play asphalt 8

  2. thank you very much, i am using xolo play 6x 1000 running on mt6591 so can you suggest both recovery and custom rom(with least bugs :p).

    1. check whichever ROM suits you, also check out the Custom Recoveries section to make a recovery


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