[Guide] Fix Camera And Bluetooth in MTK 64 Bit

This guide is to fix Bluetooth and Camera in MTK 64 Bit device running Android Lollipop. If you have ported a ROM For MTK 64 Bit device then you might face Camera and Bluetooth not working but I have got you covered. Also this fix can also work in a few Custom ROMs in MT65xx devices.

Replace :

- libbcc.so
- libbluetooth_jni.so
- libbluetooth_mtk.so
- libbluetooth_relayer.so
- libbluetoothdrv.so
- libbluetoothem_mtk.so
- libcam.camadapter.so
- libcamshot.so
- libcam.client.so
- libcam.exif.so
- libcam.iopipe.so
- libcam.paramsmgr.so
- libcam.utils.so
- libcamalgo.so
- libcamdrv.so
- libcamera_client.so
- libcamera_metadata.so
- libcameracustom.so
- libcameraservice.so

So, this is it guys. Hope you were able to fix your Camera and Bluetooth.

Credits :
Rohan Taneja
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  1. Fix Camera

    1. thank you, really appreciate your support

  2. Any idea which files to replace when hardware (capacitive) keys aren't working properly?

    Like, my phone with 80% of the ROM's i port for it (4.4.x and 5.x) has wierd behavior for the home key in where it doesn't go to homescreen but just randomly selects a file(?) or something wierd...

  3. Can you guide me how to fix HDR mod when porting rom ! heliox10 rom !

  4. any one help me where to get the files and how to replace them

  5. Hello friend, first thanks for extraordinary work. I carried the rom but when opening the camera for the first time, the screen is completely green. the second time that I am opening this message "No connection to the camera," says a solution? some files that need to be replaced? Thank you.


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