[Guide] MIUI 7 Porting Guide For MT6582

MIUI V7 Porting Guide For MTK

Presenting you the porting guide to port MIUI 7 for MT6582. Using this guide you will be able to port MIUI V7 to your MT6582 device running Android Kitkat 4.4.x
Note : This is just a reshare since there is much wider audience coming to this site than the original thread : Original Post, Credits also belong to me for cleaning up the tutorial a bit :p
- Basic Knowledge about porting and boot.img editing using android kitchen.  
- Use only TWRP/CTR Recovery.
- ANDROID KITCHEN - Guide to setup Android Kitchen, Click Here
- PORT MT6582 MIUI 7 ROM : MIUI V7 For MT6582 Download, Click Here

How To :


-Extract both roms to different folder... Setup Android Kitchen.


-Bin Folder: Replace vold,sdcard from stock to port.

-Lib Folder: Open port lib folder and delete /hw folder.... Now replace /hw folder libcameracustom.so, libcameraservice.so, libfeatureio.so, libMali.so and libshowlogo.so from stock to port.

-etc Folder:  Open port etc folder and delete /firmware and /mddb folder... Replace /firmware & /mddb from port to stock... if u dont have mddb folder in stock leave it...

-Vendor Folder: Open port vendor folder and delete /lib and /media folder...replace /lib and /media folder from stock to port.

-Xbin Folder: Replace libmnlp_mt6582 and mnld from stock to port rom.

- Build.prop : Open build.prop and edit device name with urs .... Finding the correct lcd density is a big problem ... Try 210 first ... change it if u have dpi issues (Dont set below 210).


- Open updater script and change mount points (mmcblkpxx) as per your device.. U can find it using MTK Droid Tool.
For reference on finding mount points follow this guide from step 18http://www.mtkroms.com/2015/06/make-stock-rom-mtk-easy.html

- Unpack boot.img of both stock and port rom using kitchen... We have to recombile port rom boot.img so unpack boot.img of port rom from working folder.
For reference on how to only unpack boot.img follow this video guide : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6BfgmsZcQcNote : only follow the guide till unpacking and do not try to port as in the video you must port according to the guide below. 
- Copy ZImage from Stock and replace in port.

- Copy sepolicy from stock ramdisk to port.

- Open uevent.rc of both roms in notepad+ and copy any additional lines from port to stock... use any text compare tool to find additional lines.. dont delete any lines onli add lines from port... Now replace uevent.rc from port with stock rom uevent.rc(The one u added lines from stock)

- Repack port rom boot.img and move it to port folder.

- Replace #camera lines of init.rc from stock to port if u get camera error/ green camera.
- If u Get Sdcard /Internal memory not mounting issue.... Rename init.no_ssd.rc of stock boot.img to init.ssd.rc and replace it in init.ssd.rc of port boot.img.j v


- Now compress the port rom into .zip and flash on your device.  Njoy!!!


- Follow this guide for fixing some bugs : http://www.mtkroms.com/2015/07/bug-solving-cm-12-for-mtk.html, make sure to read all the comments too  

-Geo Baby for all his help.
-manish for his excellent guide.

-Xiaomi for its Awesome Rom.

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