[Guide] How to 'ADB Terminal' and Installation

ADB Drivers For MTK

"ADB" is the most important tool for almost any developer out there no matter what device they use. But still many people do not know the uses of adb and how to use it for their advantage no matter what the situation is.

Stuck on bootloop ? Stuck on Animation ? Stuck on Recovery and storage does not mount ? Need to push or pull files ? and damn the list can go on and on forever. ADB has the solution for all of this.
These commands are really neat and can be life savers in many ways. I use these commands always and they save me a lot of time.

If you have some adb commands you use daily then comment them down below.

Things You Need :
1. ADB Installed
- Download 5 sec ADB Installer For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 : Download ADB Drivers for Windows
2. PDA Net+ (Modded) - Download Here

How To :
  1. Download 5 sec ADB Installer and Install it. Press "Y" for every choice
  2. Install the Modded PDA Net+ - Just follow the steps of the Installer
  3. After everything is done. Press "Windows button+R"
  4. Type "cmd" and press enter
  5. Connect your device with USB Debugging ON and type "adb devices" in CMD without ""
  6. If device is detected then everything is OK

Common ADB Uses and Commands :

1. So you need to send a file from PC to Device but don't want to use a file manager because that takes way to long and you know you are lazy (Me To :p)
- In terminal type "adb remount" this will mount your device as Read/Write
- Usage of the command "adb push filename path to send to"
- Example : "adb push framework-res.apk /system/framework/"
Note : The file you are trying to push must be in the directory in which cmd has opened

2. After you have pushed your file you might need to change the permissions or you might be stuck in bootloop sometimes. Many system files like build.prop require changine after pushing it like in above example.

- In terminal type "adb shell"
- Type "chmod 644 filepath"
- Example "chmod 644 /system/build.prop"
- Replace 644 with correct permissions. For build.prop and other system files it is usually 644

3. So you are in recovery mode and cannot boot for some reason and you forgot to send the stock ROM to device ? and Recovery does not mount your SD card then :

- Connect your device to PC
- In recovery go to mounts and storage and mount all the partitions
- In terminal type "adb shell"
- Type "cd path to your SD card"
- Example for most devices "cd /storage/sdcard1/
- Type "ls" now you will be able to see all the contents of SD card
- Type "exit" and exit adb shell
- Type "adb push filename.zip /storage/sdcard1/" and wait for it to complete, a message will be displayed once it is complete

Note : The file you are trying to push must be in the directory in which cmd has opened

4. Stuck at bootlogo or bootanimation ? You can take a logcat as long as the device is detected.

- In terminal type "adb devices"
- If device is detected then type "adb logcat > logcat.txt"
- After about 5-10 seconds press "Ctrl+C"
Note : You will now get the logcat.txt in the directory in which cmd is opened

5. Need to pull a file from your device to the PC ? But to lazy to mount storage and stuff (like me :p) then :

- In terminal type "adb remount"
- Type "adb pull file location"
- Example "adb pull /system/build.prop"
- Example 2 "adb pull /system/framework/framework-res.apk"

Note : You will now get the logcat.txt in the directory in which cmd is opened

6. To quickly reboot your device to different modes use the following commands :

- To reboot "adb reboot"
- To reboot into recovery "adb reboot recovery"
- To reboot into bootloader "adb reboot bootloader"

7. To run commands in the device itself using PC, whatever commad you type in the PC will be executed in the device :

- In terminal type "adb remount:
- Type "adb shell"
- Now your can execute and command from the PC to device

These are all the most important commands every developer or newbie or anyone must know if you are dealing with root or Custom ROMs
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  1. please the guide u give kindly instruct it to a standard that even a noob can understand. In your guide #3 u stated in step 2 that...In recovery go to mounts and storage and mount all the partitions....how will someone know what u talking about and besides i myself dont know where to find "In recovery go to mounts and storage and mount all the partitions"
    please kindly give tutorials so an amateur will understand what u instructing. Thank you

    1. 80% of people can
      do you even have a custom recovery ? you would know if you had one.
      Just boot into a custom recovery go to mounts and storage and select every option which has the word mount until it changes to unmount

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thank you for all your efforts. I really don't know anything about developping or rooting. I've been trying to root+custom ROM my fake iphone 6s plus. It's so slow I wanna kill myself. So i tried all the one click root apps (iroot, kingroot, kingoroot…) and softwares, but when I opened the MTK droid tool (pdaNet installed and phone detected and connected) it detected my device only twice and i didn't execute it as administrator. When I execute as admin it never detects it. The two times it detected the device I clicked on root because the square was still yellow. But it never stopped going so I ended the task. It showed me though on the right side of MTK droid tools the following:
    " Attention! faux materiel dans le noyeau ou firmware ne correspond pas au telephone
    Attention! les demandes de confirmation sur l'appareil sont possible!
    --- Erreur :system il n'etait pas remonte sur ReadWrite
    --- Erreur :fichier adbd pas installer!"
    What it means is I have a fake phone and it's not on ReadWrite and the adbd file is not installed. Please feel free to use a translator because i'm not sure (frensh). So since it's not on ReadWrite I installed Emulator terminal for android and tried all sorts of commands I found on the internet to put it on RW. It didn't work, I did try some of the above too but since I don’t understand it well I might be doint it wrong but it’s highly unlikely. So here I am seeking the help of an expert because I'm about to lose hope. Here's the information MTK droid tools showed on the left:
    Hardware: MT6572 (6582 is fake!)
    Model: 6s plus
    Build number: ALPS.JB3.MP.V1
    Buil date UTC: 20150930-101225
    Android v: 4.2.2
    Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V1.P1.2013/09/24 12:14
    Kernel v : 3.4.5 (sw08@server5) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Wed Sep 30 18:02:30 CST 2015
    Uboot build v : ----- devrait root shell
    LCD Driver IC : ----- devrait root shell
    IMEI 1 : 358661030598412
    IMEI 2 :
    Beside the yellow square : 6s plus system/bin/su is found!
    Also I’m using Windows 10. All I want is a Custom ROM that’s faster than my original one or just to make it faster if it makes any sense. Thank you for your time and effort.

    1. www.mtkroms.com > Tutorials > Fix MTK Droid Tools Root Issues

    2. I wanna thank you so much cause I broke my back for this and it's finally done. Can I ask one more thing though, can't I just use the pure performance tweak to get what I want without using a custom ROM. What's easier and less complicated for someone who knows very little about this ?

    3. I am really glad that I was able to help, the results depend from device to device, but if the tweak does the trick then why not, ofcourse you can just stay with stock rom

    4. Okey but do I have to port and if I do which porting guide should I follow. Also I already tried the Universal boost tweak it improved the speed but it's still a bit slow, should I delete it before I flash the other one? Thank's you're the best :D


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