[MOD] Add Image In Notification Panel - Build Your Own ROM #3

Make Your Own Custom ROM

What this Mod Does :

It is a fairly simple mod which adds a custom Image in your notification panel. You can add any image you like. I will have some awesome images to add in your Notification Panel which I made my self :D

After I recently did a poll in my facebook group (join it, it is an awesome and big community) https://www.facebook.com/groups/mtkroms/
There were many people who wanted to know how to mod ROMs and build their own Custom ROM or modded Stock ROM. I have already made two guides on modding ROMs.
I will link to those posts somewhere down below. Be sure to check them out.

This guide shall not be copied, duplicated, re-shared and/or re-blogged.

My Notification Panel (Tested in CM 12.1 Beta 6) :

Will it work on my device :
Yes this mod will work on just about any device and Android Version, It will work on both Stock and Custom ROMs. I have tested this on CM 12.1 Beta 6 and it works like a charm. The only drawback is, if you use this MOD in any ROM which merges lockscreen and notification panel then the image will also appear in your notification panel (this only happens in Lollipop) There will be no issues like this if you follow this on Android Version below Android Lollipop

Things You Need :
- Modded Apktool : Download
- A 240x400 Resolution Image To Add in Notification Panel. (Download images, bottom of the post)
- A little bit of experience with Apktool
- My amazing guide

How To : 
1. Download the modded Apktool from above and unzip it
2. Get the framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk of the ROM you are using and paste inside Apktool folder
3. Inside apktool folder press Shift + Right Click and slect Open Command Window Here
4. In the command window type "apktool if framework-res.apk" without ""
5. Type "apktool d SystemUI.apk" without ""
6. Make sure you can properly recompile the apk, Just after it has decompiled successfully type "apktool b SystemUI" without ""
7. If the SystemUI.apk recompiles without error you are good to go, you can know this if you get "Building APK File" after you give the recompile command
8. Go to /SystemUI/res/values/drawbles.xml and edit the values as shown below. Skip any line which is not there

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<item type="drawable" name="notification_tracking_bg">#00000000</item>
<item type="drawable" name="notification_number_text_color">#ffffffff</item>
<item type="drawable" name="notification_item_background_color">#0000000 0</item>
<item type="drawable" name="notification_item_background_color_pressed"> #ff257390</item>
<item type="drawable" name="ticker_background_color">#00000000</item>
<item type="drawable" name="status_bar_recents_background_solid">#800000 00</item>
<item type="drawable" name="status_bar_recents_app_thumbnail_background" >#80000000</item>
<item type="drawable" name="status_bar_notification_row_background_color ">#00000000</item>
<item type="drawable" name="notification_header_bg">#00000000</item>
<item type="drawable" name="recents_callout_line">#99ffffff</item>
<item type="drawable" name="notification_item_background_legacy_color"># 00000000</item>


9. Save and exit.
10. Make a 240x400 image with transparent background (I have some of them below just download)
11. Make sure the image is .png
12. Open /SystemUI/res/drawable-xhdpi-v4/ and paste the image there. (Some cool images can be downloaded below)
13. Open /SystemUI/res/layout/status_bar_expanded.xml
14. Find this line :

15. And change android:background to :

16. Replace name_of_your_image with the name of your image but do not add the extension.
For Eg :  If you added saitama.png in /SystemUI/res/drawable-xhdpi-v4/ then you will change : android:background="@drawable/name_of_your_image" to this :android:background="@drawable/saitama"
17. Save and exit
18. Now recompile, Type "apktool b SystemUI"
19. After it has been recompiled go to SystemUI/original/
20. Copy the files inside
21. Go to SystemUI/build/apk/
22. Paste the files there and replace existing files
23. Select all files and right click and select Add to archive

24. In name type first "SystemUI.zip" without "" and then type "SystemUI.apk" without "" and click ok
25. Push the SystemUI.apk to your device

26. Reboot
27. Check out your Notification panel ;)

Congratulations, you have successfully added Image in your notification panel.

Download :
- Saitama Face (See my scrrenshot above) : Download
- Snowflake (Click on download to see image and save it) : Download
- Fire princess (Click on download to see image and save it) : Download
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