[4.2.2] CoalField V2 For MT6572

Coalfield V2 For MT6572

Coalfield is an aftermarket ROM for MT6572 devices running Android Jellybean. This ROM has been developed by Indonesian devs. This is ROM is smooth, fast, feature rich and has Lollipop UI + Coalfield UI.

This ROM has been powered by http://mtkroms.com

Give proper credits and link to this post always. The credits should be given at the top of the post. Saying "This ROM has been powered by http://mtkroms.com, the original ROM can be found at http://www.mtkroms.comThis is a must, Lot of hardwork has gone in making this ROM.

√ Lollipop Style
√ Clock Layout Style
√ Network Speed ​​Style
√ Gradient Status Bar
√ Change Expanded backgroud
√ Weather In Header
√ New Signal & Battery Icon
√ List View Animation
√ Shake Clear Ram
√ HeadsUp Notification
√ Pie Control
√ Circle Side Bar
√ Rounded Corner
√ Font Style
√ New System Icon
√ New Settings Icon
√ Battery Bar
√ Battery Style
√ RamBar
√ Re-Layout Settings
√ Smooth and Fast Scroll
√ Startup Apps
√ Partition information
√ Custom Lockscreen Background
√ User Image in Lockscreen
√ Ad Blocker
√ Build.prop Mods
√ Carrier name
√ relayout Weather
√ LCD Density
√ Statusbar custom color icon
√ Contextual Banner
√ Toas Animation
√ Contextual Header
√ Time Colored Expanded
√ Remove apk - 6
√ Add Feature apk in settings
√ Recents Lollipop Style
√ Fix Playstore
√ Fix Phone Dialer
√ Fix Gallery 3D
√ Fix Camera
√ Owner Fix header pic
√ Fix AOSP Lockscreen
√ New Icon App
√ New Tweak
√ New boot.img
√ Animation Framework
√ Delete button screenshot
√ Power menu feature
√ ETC ........

Step by Step video porting guide here : Video Guide

Delete boot.img in Port ROM and paste Stock boot.img in Port ROM

Delete/Remove" the following files and folders from PORT ROM folder.
- system/vendor
- system/usr
- system/lib/modules
- system/lib/hw
- system/lib/drm
- system/lib/soundfx
- system/lib/libaudio.primary.default.so
- system/lib/libcamalgo.so
- system/lib/libcameracustom.so
- system/etc/firmware
- system/etc/bluetooth
- system/etc/security
- system/etc/wifi
- system/etc/vold.fstab
- system/etc/vold.fstab.nand

Now open STOCK ROM folder and Copy the above mentioned files from STOCK ROM folder to PORT ROM folder.

- Edit Mount Points in /META-INF/com/google/android/

Note : If you do not have your stock updater-script follow the steps from step 18 to edit mount points without stock-updater-script : Edit mount points

- Ajit Guraya
- CoalField Team - Original Devs
Andre Zimmermann (Kohlewrrk)
[4.2.2] CoalField V2 For MT6572 [4.2.2] CoalField V2 For MT6572 Reviewed by MTK Hacker Pro on 12:40 PM Rating: 5


  1. Thank you very much, this firmware is a miracle

    1. glad to hear it, enjoy.
      For more cool stuff join my facebook group

  2. This looking Awesome!
    Ready to port :D

  3. it's bootlooping for me, i tried to port it, just bootloop, i left it 4 hours, only rom which worked it was the Lollifox one.

    1. do not do anything other than editing mount points and boot.img and see if it works

    2. Did that, still... I guess my phone has a problem with custom roms... only Lollifox worked..

    3. yup, my ROMs don't seem to be compatible with your device

    4. Badly, but I can provide you my firmware and try to port it? :D

    5. At least can you help me a little? How I can bring those estethics features to my stock rom? Just changing the SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk?

    6. you'll end up stuck at boot animation.

    7. its bootlooping for me 2, this rom have problems .

  4. what roms is best for gaming on MTK6572

    1. not tested gaming on them but all ROMs have good gaming performance

  5. Hey ! My system ui keep restarting pls help :D

  6. hay bro..my system ui is restarting and my screen is upside down,there is no ro.sf.hwrotation line in your bulid.prop can you help me

    1. then add the line at the end of build.prop

    2. can you help me with the system ui restarting problem

    3. porting issues, Find Inspired 6 for MT6582 in this site and follow the porting guide there, also a request please don't tell me my device is MT6572 so why follow that guide and things like that

    4. is it ok my phone is 4.2.2 your lolipop rom is working for that phone

    5. did you replace boot.img while porting using the inspired 6 method ? if yes and got stuck in bootloop, then report the whole ROM by just replacing boot.img and don't replace anything else.

  7. problem is the if i put the brightness slider of the left corner i face blackout 😭😂

    1. the brightness will decrease if you slide it towards the left so ofcourse blackout

  8. says in cwm 6 (oops you did it again. ) all ported corectly but not installing

  9. news: systemUI is restarting i can.t select the language..status bar appear and disappear

  10. i see alot of people have problem with SystemUI of this customROM ,i've ported 100 corectly(im not at first porting) This ROM needs a update or delete it please

  11. i see alot of people have problem with SystemUI of this customROM ,i've ported 100 corectly(im not at first porting) This ROM needs a update or delete it please

  12. how to remove nav bar from this rom

    1. find this line in build.prop "qemu.hw.mainkeys=0" and change it to 1 if the line is not present then add this at the end of build.prop "qemu.hw.mainkeys=1" without ""

  13. Hey, this ROM compatible on mt6572 sm-9006v?


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