[Sensors Fix] All CyanogenMod 12.1 Bug Fixes

Fix Bugs In CM 12.1

Update : Now you can play 720P videos in Youtube without using any other 3rd party app, just use this fix.

All of you might know of the new CM 12.1 by FIre855 with all bugs fixed. So, some devs have taken some files from the new builds and patched them to support older versions. These fixes should work on most devices, also it is suggested you use pure CM 12.1 and no a CM based ROM. Using this guide you will be able to fix almost all bugs in Cyanogenmod 12.1 for MT6582 and MT6592

Highly Suggested Lollipop ROMs With All Bug Fixed

Q. Fix App2SD in CM 12.1 Bugless V2.2 For MT6592 (already working on MT6582)
A. Add this line at the end of build.prop, this enables Multi User Support and this also seems to fix App2SD as reported by some usersfw.show_multiuserui=1

- Ajit Guraya and Tirth Patel

Q. Sensors not working ?
A. Flash this patch made by ME, this patch is only for MT6582
Download : Sensor Fix ZIP
- Ajit Guraya and www.mtkroms.com for the fix

Q. Memory Leak issues even after using the Performance tweak below ?
A. Use this Fix, more free RAM available.
Before Tweak : 100 MB

After Tweak   : 400 MB
Download : Click Here
- jonacxdgreat : Pacshit Tweak Dev

Q. Performance Issues ? I got you covered (this is only for CM 12.1 V2.2 for MT6592 and CM 12.1 for CM 12.1 V3 For MT6582)
A. Download and Flash the Zip that's it.
Performance tweak for MT6592 
: Download
Performance tweak for MT6582 : Download
This patch should work on the previous Bugless CM 12.1 build for MT6582 and MT6592, do not use on any other build. It can cause "stuck at boot problems"
- Thanks Arun for the main Tweak : All thanks to you
- Ajit Guraya for making suitable changes in Tweak for MT6592 and MT6582

Q. Screen recording not working ? Here is a fix (Only tested it in Bugless CM 12.1 For MT6582 and MT6592 and on Latest Bugless CM 12.1 V2.2 For MT6592)
A. Follow the below steps :
- Download Shou from play store
- Sign in/Sign up
- Allow ROOT permissions
- When a popup about allowing screen record comes, Just press START and do not check do not show again
- Click on the floating pink circle
- Select Record
- Enter any file name
- Click on Settings
- In Encoding engine : Select Software instead of hardware
- Enjoy screen recording
- Ajit Guraya (Figured this out)

Q. Fix USSD in All CM 12.1/CM 12.1 based ROMs

A. Guide on how to fix USSD in CM 12.1/ CM 12.1 Based ROM http://www.mtkroms.com/2015/12/guide-fix-ussd-in-cyanogenmod-12.html
Download : USSD Fix, Click Here

Q. USSD Fix For CM 12.1 Beta 7 For MT6592 and MT6582 Both. 
A. Download : USSD Fix, Click Here
Push the fix to /system/framework/ and then directly boot to recovery mode and Clear Cache and Data (this is a must)
Aniruddha Adhikary (Made USSD Fix)
- Ajut Guraya (Made Fix For CM 12.1 Beta 7)

Q. Youtube Playback Limitation Fix

A. Use this Youtube app, don't update the app or you will lose the ability to play videos higher than 360P
Download, Click Here
- Kishan P Patel - Thank You, know it you are awesome

Q. A workaround for VPN follow these steps :

1. Go to psiphon and choose Browser-Only mode don't tunnel whole device.

2. Go to its logs tab and check the port of http proxy.
3. Now open WiFi setting and long press to your WiFi network (from which u are connected) go to modify tab and from check the advanced options.
4. Chosen manual proxy option and put host name as and port as the no. which you noted in step 2 (eg. 8080) and click save .

Enjoy you have set up a VPN connection successfully.

You can open your browser and check your IP

Note: You have to undo this after you don't need VPN by changing manual proxy to none .

- Suraj Rawat (nervehammer) : thanks man

For those who want to use Orbot vpn

This is very similar to previous vpn workaround for psiphon

Just follow these step for Orbot
1. Open Orbot and long press to start orbot.
2. When all bootstrapped done go to check browser it will ask for normal browser or install Orweb .
3. Open Orweb and volla you r connected to tor but actually its not to tunnel your traffic to vpn go to Orweb settings.
4. Now note the proxy host and proxy port generally it is localhost(same as and 8118 respectively but it may change so better to keep updated with port numbers.
5. Now go to wifi setting and long press the wifi (from which u r connected) and check advanced options.
6. Choose manual proxy option and put the host name and port no. (e.g. 8118 ) which u noted in step 4

Now u can check https://check.torproject.org from any browser and volla Congo this browser is configured to use tor.

Sorry for long guide but it is detail enough so that anyone can easily setup tor in cm builds.

Note: You have to undo manual proxy option to none after you don't use vpn.

- Suraj Rawat (nervehammer) : thanks man

Q. Fix Mic, Bluetooth Headset, Hotspot in all CM 12.1 ROMs. Flashable ZIP

A. Flash this zip via recovery, no need to do anything just flash it.
Download : CM 12.1 All Bug Fixes ZIP
- Flashable ZIP By Me, Patches By An Awesome  Russian Dev

If you Get error flashing this zip, then unzip it and place the files individually in the respective folder.

Q. Hotspot not working ?
A. Finally we have a fix
Download : netd
then open adb terminal in the place where you downloaded netd.
Type "adb push netd /system/bin/" without "" and then reboot. It worked for me !!!!!

- By An Awesome  Russian Dev

Q. Microphone not working in Google now ?
A. Again another most awaited fix :D
Download : audio_policy.conf

then open adb terminal in the place where you downloaded netd.
Type "adb push audio_policy.conf /system/etc/" without "" and then reboot. It worked for me !!!!!

- By An Awesome  Russian Dev

Q. 3G is not working ?
A. Download this ZIP : CM 3G Fix
- Replace (don't delete) /etc/firmware folder from stock to the zip 
- Flash via Recovery
- By Vijay Jaiswal

Q. GPS Not Working ? This might or might not work.

A. Flash this ZIP : Download
A. V2 Of This Fix : Download

Q. Fix FM Radio.

A. Flash This : Downlad

Q. Network drop ? This should probably fix it 95% of the time :
A. Replace (Skip any file which is not present) :
Note : Instead of xxxx there will be some numbers

Q. Camera not working even after replacing the files specified in this post : http://www.mtkroms.com/2015/07/bug-solving-cm-12-for-mtk.html

Flash This : Download
- By Vijay Jaiswal

Q. Camera not working in CM 12.1 Beta 7 Build 1 For MT6582, then flash this ZIP. (Will/Might work in other CM based ROMs)
A. Flash This : Download

To discuss more about CM 12.1 bugs and fixes and for more support and to get updates before hand on cool stuff. Join my facebook group

- Fire855 - The man who made CM possible for MTK (he is a legend)
- Rohan Taneja - Awesome Dev
- Hasib Khan
- Neel Solanki LG - Another Awesome Dev
- Manoar Hossain Munna 
- Pawan diyal  - Amazing Dev
- Vipul 
- Roshan 
- An Awesome Russian Dev
- Vijay Jaiswal
- Ajit Guraya - For making patches a few patches, sharing and providing support.
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