[4.4.2][MT6572] MysticOS V6 For Rio 2 Craze

MysticOS For MT6572

MysticOS V6 For MT6572 is an update to Mystic OS V5.0 For MT6572, not many changes in this version but there have been some major and minor bug fixes from previous versions and many new features have been added. This is based on Marshmallow UI for MT6572
The ROM is now in full HD and you will have a great time experiencing this ROM in your Full HD MT6572 devices.

This ROM was ported to MT6572 by Mark Bryan an awesome friend of mine. And this ROM can be ported to any MT6572 device running Android Kitkat 4.4.x

This ROM has been powered by http://mtkroms.com

Give proper credits and link to this post always. The credits should be given at the top of the post. Saying "This ROM has been powered by http://mtkroms.com, the original ROM can be found at http://www.mtkroms.comThis is a must, Lot of hardwork has gone in making this ROM.

Download : MysticOS V6 For Rio 2 Craze (Mark Bryan)

For Screenshots, Features visit :

- There are multiple methods to port this ROM depending on your device. All the Porting Guide links below.
- Most Recommended  :
- If above porting guide doesn't work then use this :
- Only use this guide if the above guides don't work (they should work though).
- Follow these Video Porting Guide (Follow only if the above guides don't work)

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