Installation Instructions For CM 12.1 Beta 7 For MT6582

These are some installation instructions for CM 12.1 Beta 7 For MTK, for fixing bugs(not bugs actually)

Installation insctructions :
- Port and Flash
- Reboot
- Choose your language
- Do not connect to any wifi
- When it asks you to "Turn Mobile Data On" do not turn it ON and press next
- Press next next
- Quicly go to Settings > About Phone and tap on Build Number Multiple times
- Now you will see Developer Options, go there and select Advanced Reboot
- Also in "Root Access" select Apps and ADB
- Go to SE Linux mode changer app and select "Remember" and SU grant permission
- Go to ADB Insecure and select "Remember" and SU grant permission. Tick both the check boxes
- Now go to reboot Menu do a soft reboot
- Once you reboot you will get notification for SIM management
- Click on it, it will lead you to settings.
- Click on the SIM name and name it anything and the notification will disappear and you will now have working 3G "always"
- Open Dolby Audio app and turn on the two buttons at the bottom and hear great quality and loud audio (way too loud audio, turn off incase too loud)

1. Power bug has been removed, But after powering OFF and then ON, Everything other than the Camera will work. But I go you covered :
Do a Soft Reboot (Read step 5 below first) after waiting at least 1 min and the Camera will work but after every Soft Reboot 3G won't work, so after every soft reboot you must go to Settings > SIM Cards and Turn Data OFF and ON and after about 20-30 seconds 3G will be back.
This is only For Build 2

2. Sometimes after powering OFF and ON you will see that there is a NO SIM icon :
so just go to SELinux Mode changer app and click on Permissive wait a few mins and so a soft reboot and then follow the above steps to fix 3G after soft reboot
Note : This will happen only on your first Powering OFF and ON, after that you will not need to do anything mentioned above (except for 1. above)
This is only For Build 2

4. For people who want to use previous Dialer (the main ROM is using new dialer) download this and go to /system/priv-app/ and Delete DialerNext folder make a new folder called Dialer there and place the apk there and reboot.
Download : Dialer.apk

5. It is highly suggested you do not do a "Soft Reboot" and do a "Normal Reboot" instead, as it will fix most of the issues 99% of the time and you will not have to follow any other steps mentioned in "Step 1 above"

6. If after porting Beta 7 For MT6582 Build 1 and camera is not working then visit this post and flash the patch found at the last

Whola now you have a "Near Bugless CM Running On Your MT6582 Device"
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  1. HI Ajit!
    Good work!
    I ported both versions and they work well, but camera doesn't work! How to fix it?

    1. replace all files beginning with libcam from working CM build to this build

    2. Thanks a lot!
      Is it possible to change default storage to SD Card, without using Xposed framework apps?

    3. i will make a patch if I get time

    4. Thanks a lot Ajit! One last thing! I got a blury camera, how can I fix it?

    5. go to camera setting and change ratio

  2. everything works perfectly only sim cards are not detected
    thank you soooooo much for your hard work . u r amazing
    hope u can help me

    1. there is a Q/A post for lollipop in this site with the fix, thank you

  3. Hi bro,thanks for this stable ROM but can you upload to Google drive or Dropbox? thanks again.

  4. OK, saw other ROMs on Google drive, thought you could use that as an alternative to MEGA,anyway, thanks for your support.

  5. With the build 1 i stuck in bootloop after doing the selinux tweak and soft reboot ...

  6. i have doogee DG800 does this rom works for it???
    please help...

    1. no ROM in this website will work on your device, you have to port all the ROMs, porting guides are in the post of all ROMs

  7. Please can I port it to mt 6580 based lollipop android one both 6582 and 6580 are running Quad core just thought........please if I do I go about it.....please


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