[4.4.2] PussyFap V4 Beast Edition For MT6572, MT6582 and MT6592

Custom ROMs For MTK

PussyFap V4 Beast Edition for MT6572, MT6582 and MT6592. Download the ROMs below. PussyFap is a Lollipop UI ROM which is full of cool custom mods and performance. A really amazing UI suitable for HD displays. What can I say it is an awesome ROM and it can replace your Stock ROM permanently and it has been made by a great team, Team Pussy. All credits go to Team Pussy for this ROM

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Download :

Patches :
Fix Minor Bugs - Music Notif Color, Lockscreen Patttern, Wallpaper Setter
Dynamic System Bars - Do not Flash this if DSB is already working on your device

  • New Theme Color
  • Added Dolby Atmos
  • Added Battery Bar Options
  • Added Date and Clock Options
  • Added Font Style Options
  • Added Navigation Bar Options
  • Added BeamKAT Data Traffic Style
  • Added Shake to Clear Ram
  • Added Double Tap to Sleep Gesture
  • Added Parallax Recent Apps
  • Added Notification Counts
  • Added Gestures Anywhere Options
  • Added CPU Time in State Settings
  • Added Ad Blocker
  • Added System App Remover
  • Added Extra Info Settings
  • Added Carrier Label in Statusbar
  • Added Superuser
  • Added New Wallpaper Pack App
  • Added New Battery Styles
  • Added New Weather Options
  • Added New Expandable Volume Option
  • Added Setup Wizard App
  • Changing Platlogo to MarshMallow
  • Removed Notification Animations
  • Removed Framework Animations
  • Removed Seeder App
  • Removed Init.D Tweaks Options
  • Fixed Inverted Screenshot in 180 Rotation Devices
  • Fixed Statusbar Icons Tint(Not All)
  • Fixed Dynamic System Bars(Supported All Devices)
  • Fixed Heads Up Notificatio
  • Revert back some built-in Features
  • Debloat Rom for Better Performance
  • Making more Lollipop Like Style
  • Improving Rom Performance

  • Statusbar CarrierLabel Color Picker Not Working
  • Navigationbar tint have conflicts with Navigationbar Options
  • Music force closes sometimes but doesn't affect the app

Replace From Stock To Port :
system/lib/hw folder,
libcamalgo.so, libcameracustom.so,
system/etc/firmware folder and mddb folder,
system/vendor folder.
stock boot.img

If Above guide doesn't work here are some suggested Porting Guides :
- 100% Recommended to use this guide.
- 2nd Most Recommended  :
- If above porting guide doesn't work then use this :
- Follow these Video Porting Guide (Follow only if the above guides don't work)

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- All Thanks To "Team Pussy"
- Iyke and Me - For Porting Guide
[4.4.2] PussyFap V4 Beast Edition For MT6572, MT6582 and MT6592 [4.4.2] PussyFap V4 Beast Edition For MT6572, MT6582 and MT6592 Reviewed by MTK Hacker Pro on 6:54 PM Rating: 5


  1. Replies
    1. I think so, I tried it and as always roms can't see the internal partition of my phone (8 GB) but only external SD
      Never found a proper guide for this problem :(

    2. can you copy paste me the mount line on your pussyfap updater script ? im getting this on mine " format("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/by-num/p5", "0", "/system"); " its different from the normal and i dont know wht to do :(

    3. I didn't edit that file, i found out that the number (5) of my stock was the same as the one of the porting rom so there was no need for that. My problem is that i've got a partitioned internal storage (8 +8 GB) plus an external SD every rom i tried so far can only see "ROM + extSD" and is missing internalSD :'(

    4. Thx ! i already port it but i got same problem with you. My internal is showing 0gb only sd card are detect :(

    5. It worked :D finally, but i faced bugs like camera not working, fc systemUI and other little things. However it's a great rom ;)
      PS does replacing vold from /bin work for cm 12.1 too?

    6. depends on what kind of storage issue it is, and what type of storage you have emulated or non-emulated.
      PS : this is not a CM 12.1 post

  2. Hi, Google Play store not working..
    connection problem.

  3. Thanks for this rom
    on my explay indigo(micromax a290) mtk6592 working good
    I have some problems, but i can fix it
    Nice work

  4. Hello, i have ported this rom. Mt6592 but problem is after changed vold from bin it shows sd card but phone memory is 0.00b

    1. flash mt6592 use SP Flash Tool,internal 0.00b problem solve.

  5. Can I flash the Dynamic status bar in my MT6572 4.2.2 with MM4 rom?

    1. yes, only if you wont to be stuck on bootanimation or bootloop

  6. bro I'm not able to add any google accounts plsss help I signed in but my phone can't connect to google says register plss help

  7. bro it shows authentic ovation problem u need to sign in to your google account even if I already did so

    1. i just told you I will update post with patch. Too much spam ?

    2. is the rom patched yet cuz last i checked after replacing vold i cant seem to add google account, it shows authentication problem :(

  8. bro my internal storage is not showing when connected to computer

    1. read above comments, solution is provided

  9. Replies
    1. no, it will not be updated. Don't ask why

  10. Can i port this ROM with android 4.2.2 stock ROM?

  11. navigation bar showing even if I disabled it in pussy interface

    1. this is not my ROM ! go to Q/A post for Lollipop in this site and follow the remove nav bar method

  12. Can I install it in KitKat, running on lollipop rom?

    1. what do you menan ? running kitkat with lollipop ?

  13. how to change the CPU governed on this ROM

  14. Спасибо,на "ZTE G Lux" работает))

  15. i want to try but......the name of this rom....I...I..jus can't :'( Why wuld devs name such.... why???

  16. My google play dont work plz give me gapps pocket?

  17. please fix the google sign in problem

    1. it works when i create a new account

  18. can i port it to stock os 4.2.2 on mtk6572. will it work?

  19. Bro thanks it worked but after ı shut down my device ı cant open my device how can i fix

  20. How to Fix WHITE Screen for GIONEE p2s MTK6572

    1. Yes I Port It ... when the installation is finish Show a WHITE SCREEN and Blink it and when i click the vol +/- or power my GIONEE p2s was Vibrate pls help me i like the ROM

    2. what is the JB based or KK based

    3. don't replace libmali, use libmali of port

    4. many porting guides are listed above, try all of them one by one


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