[GUIDE] MIUI 7 Porting Guide For MT6592

MIUI 7 Porting Guide For MT6592

Some users are having issues porting MIUI 7 with the MIUI 7 porting guide for MT6582. This is a fairly simple porting guide which I have only tested on few builds of MIUI 7 including MIUI 7 V7.0.6.0 For MT6592 posted in this site. This has worked for me so I shared it here, it's not guaranteed to work for everyone

Things You Need :
- Android Kitchen Setup properly - Guide, Click here
- A little bit of patience and brain

Steps :

- Unpack boot.img and only replace Kernel or zimage and uevented.rc you do not need to do anything else
- Replace /etc/firmware,mddb
- Replace /lib/hw/hwcomposer.mt6592.so
- Replace /lib/libMali.so
- Replace /lib/libaudio.primary.default.so - For audio
- Replace /lib/libcameracustom.so, libcameraservice.so, libfeatureio.so - For camera
- Change mount points in /META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script according to mount points in stock updater-script

Note : If you do not have your stock updater-script follow the steps from step 18 to edit mount points without stock-updater-script : Edit mount points

- Flash
- Enjoy

Bug Fixing :
- If Wifi 
is not working replace /etc/wifi,security
- If Bluetooth is not working replace /etc/bluetooth
- If camera is not working replace /lib/hw/camera.default.so
- If storage issues replace /bin/vold,pq
- If after the initial setup there is a black screen then do not replace libMali.so from stock ROM, use libMali.so of the ROM itself (it has fixed issues for me)
Note : Please reflash whole ROM after replacing the above mentioned files

Yeah this is it guys, a very short guide. Please read this post from beginning till end before you make a comment.

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