[MOD][UPDATED] DecepticonOS For MT6582 and MT6592

DecpecticonOS For MT6582 and MT6592

DecepticonOS is a MOD for Bugless CyanogenMod 12.1 For MT6582 and MT6592. It adds a lot of features to CyanogenMod 12.1 and has a dark theme. Really awesome mod and the great thing about is that you just need to flash it and no need to reflash the whole ROM again.

Note : If you are stuck in Android is Upgrading then replace storage_list.xml in framework-res.apk/res/xml/ from CM 12.1 V3/v2.2 (currently running in your device) to the framework-res.apk of this MOD

“It’s just such ignorance which forever relegates you to the ranks of underling.” - Megatron
This flashable patch was made by Ajit Guraya www.mtkroms.com
Do not replicate/duplicate, share this flashable ZIP and MOD anywhere and do not mirror/copy any of the content and links from this post and from this website. If you want to share then just give the link of this post to your friends

Original Source :
All the credits and thanks go to Michael Jay and Alif
This was not actually a MOD but it was a Full ROM which you had to port and reflash, it was developed by Michael Jay and Alif
Original ROM size : 450 MB
Pain you had to go through :
- Download a 450 MB zip !
- Port the ROM
- Reflash again
- Lose all the data
- Bug fixing

What I did :
I made the DecepticonOS ROM into a flashable patch for CyanogenMod 12.1 V2.2 for MT6592 and CyanogenMod 12.1 V3 For MT6582. This MOD will also work on previous bugless builds for MT6582 and MT6592, so that you don't have to reflash the whole ROM again. I also removed the bloatware which was added into the ROM. Added a lot of things and customized it a lot, fixed few issues and gave it more Decepticon look and feel. 
Flashable patch size : 85.2 MB
What you have to do now :
- Make sure you already have CM 12.1 V2.2 running in your MT6592 device
- If you are MT6582 user make sure you have CM 12.1 V3 running in your MT6582 device
- This MOD will work on previous bugless build also
- Download my Flashable patch
- Flash
- Reboot
- Enjoy

Expansion Pack (UPDATE) :
New screenshots at the bottom :
- Added App Shortcuts in Recents Panel : You can Add your own App shortcuts
- xSystemUI Integrated into Decepticon Fibers : Add Custom Quick setting Header Images and Quick Toogles BG

- Settings Layout Fixes
- Rounded Corner in recents (not a theme)
- 16 MB Expansion Pack For DecepticonOS MOD

*Note : If your are using xSystemUI then please reboot after adding Custom Header/BG and do not use large images as Header it will cause notification panel to lag. For cool header images search in Google Images for : "Header"
*Note 2 : If you are using a theme then you can't change the Quick Setting Toogle BG but you can change the Header image

*Note 3 : If you want to change both Header and Quicking Settings Toggle background but at the same time use a theme, then when you apply a theme, tick everything except for Status Bar
*Note 4 : The Expansion Pack Can Only be Flashed if you have already flashed the DecepticonOS MOD

Download : DecepticonOS MOD For MT6582 and MT6592

Screenshots :

Features :
- Decepticon UI
- Dark UI
- Based on CM 12.1
- Completely reworked Settings
- App/SD Enabler
- Xposed Installer
- Pie Controls
- Dynamic Status Bar
- Gradient Status Bar
- Custom Label On Status Bar
- Decepticon Boot animation
- Multi User Support
- Gravity Box
- xSystemUI Integrated
- App shortcuts in Recents
- Much more .....

Thanks To :
- Michael Jay and Alif : Original ROM Devs
- Ajit Guraya : Flashable ZIP, modding the ROM, adding a lot more cool features, UI changes and more
[MOD][UPDATED] DecepticonOS For MT6582 and MT6592 [MOD][UPDATED] DecepticonOS For MT6582 and MT6592 Reviewed by MTK Hacker Pro on 1:16 PM Rating: 5


  1. Nice. I really like the idea of mod for cm 12 rather than another custom rom

    1. Thank you for the reply MTK Hacker Pro. I'm hoping for more mod like this sooner or later

    2. yes I will try to keep this mod updated

    3. Nice. Thank you again MTK Hacker Pro

  2. What is updated in this mod MTK Hacker Pro?

    1. sorry, I am working on it right now mistakely added updated to the post

    2. Will try this weekend. Thank you MTK Hacker Pro

  3. is there any glove mode for this rom?
    ive try many roms still have big problem with glove mode i ask fire885
    to help but nothing work ???!!!

    1. no ROM will have glove mode unless it was exclusively made by theming your stock ROM. And NO there is no way to get it

  4. Indeed it is nice to have it as a patch, rather than downloading and porting again (just as I expected all further improvements of the Bugless CM, V2.2 to be precise). The build.prop in the patch is for MT6582, hope it should be edited properly b4 flashing?

    I wanna ask...
    1. What if I decide to revert back to my original CM? How do I disable the patch/update?
    2. Can you please update AICP to this current Bugless CM? I really love that ROM (I'm sure others do too), cool features! Perhaps u could also make it as a patch, just as this one.
    Thanks Mr Ajit! U are indeed a worthy mentor!!

    1. you can edit if you want to nut it will cause no issues at all. I have teseted and flashed it multiple time on my mt6592 and gave for testing on other mt6592 as well and it works just as it should.

      1. Open the MOD ZIP again, look at all the files the MOD has. Copy all those files from V2.2 to the MOD ZIP and flash
      3. That's currently not possible

      Thanks, I appreciate it

    2. Alright, that's what I thought about the replacement.
      I'll keep seeking for further solutions. Thanks

  5. Replies
    1. Can i change cm themes after applying this mod? or it will chnage cm os into decpticon os so i cannot switch between themes?

    2. yes kathmandu nepal and yes you can change theme

    3. same place dude :) feeling happy to see 1st developer who run this type of sites..

  6. I have flashed it in my gionee p4 (mtk 6582) running cm 12.1 v3,and the result is...
    Android is starting, sticker there for half an hour,couldn't get pass it.
    Any solution for me?I love this mod & certainly want it :/

    1. read the post from the beginning your answer is there

  7. Adding 4 or more icons per row in quick buttons layout doesn't work using gravity box LP.Any solution for this ?

    Thanks in advance :)

    1. some features of gravity box do not yet support CM but after applying changes do a reboot (not soft reboot)

  8. Why it stuck at starting apps


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