[MOD][NEW] Star WarsOS For MT6582 and MT6592 - Super Awesome MOD

Star Wars MOD For MT6582 and MT6592

Star WarsOS is an amazing MOD for CM 12.1 Bugless For MT6582 and MT6592 packed with amazing features and UI changes without affecting the performance. This MOD has lot of audio mods and has a pure dark theme to have the UI like Star Wars. To all of those Star Wars fans - Here's your answer
Note : You do not need to port this, just flash this MOD directly if you are running CM 12.1 V2.2/v2.1/v3 in your MT6582 or MT6592
Beware : You will spend your entire day toying with different features, mods and different audio configurations :p 

The Force Is Strong With This One
This MOD was made by Ajit Guraya at www.mtkroms.com
Do not replicate/duplicate, share this flashable ZIP and MOD anywhere and do not mirror/copy any of the content and links from this post and from this website. If you want to share then just give the link of this post to your friends. You by any means do not have the permission to modify this MOD and/or integrate this in your ROM. This MOD is created and powered by  Ajit Guraya

All the MODs including the Audio MODs are working in perfect harmony and the MOD is completely awesome.

Note : This MOD contains a new feature called QuickBoot to enable it go to Settings > Developer Options/Area 51. What this new feature basically does is when your put your device to Power OFF from Reboot Menu then it puts it in QuickBoot mode which conserves the battery but at the same time when you try to Turn ON your phone it instantly boots it up in about 2-4 seconds

A Request : Guys please comment down below, The dark side doesn't need fuel

Download : Star Wars MOD For MT6582 and MT6592
Read the installation instructions below first !

Screenshots :


Features :
- All CM 12.1 Features
- Gradient Statusbar
- xSystemUI embedded
- Xposed embeded
- Gravity Box Embedded
- App/SD Enabler
- Added QuickBoot
- Multi User Support
- Performance Control Embedded
- Dark UI
- Rounded Corners in Recents
-App shortcuts in recents
- Star Wars UI and Theme
- HD Star Wars Bootanimation
- Audio MOD : Viper4Android, Pon Audio MOD, Maxx Audio, Sony Clear Audio and many more audio mods and Control Panel embedded in Settings

- Latest Beats Audio Libs 2015
- Xperia Music App
- Dynamic StatusBar
- SuperSU in Settings
- Relayout Settings
- Added Ability to Individually Gradient StatusBar and Quick Settings Background
- Device Info Embeded
- System Controls embeded
- Many changes to Adaptive brightness for better results and for best battery backup
- Everything was fully tested and what can i say about the audio, better than anything I have heard from my phone
- And So Much More.......

Installation Instructions :
- Download MOD
- Download XposedFlashable.zip
- Download SoundMOD.rar
- Unzip SoundMOD.rar
- There are two ZIPs there copy and paste the ZIPs in SD card
- Also copy the MOD and Xposed ZIP to SD card
- Flash MOD
- After flashing MOD first flash MaxxAudio.zip and only after that flash PON Audio MOD ZIP
- Don't flash Xposed Yet
- Reboot
- After successful reboot, reboot to recovery and flash Xposed
- Reboot
- Enjoy the amazing Star Wars UI with amazing MODs

Some Important Tips :
- You can individually change gradient of Quick Settings and Statusbar
- Sometimes while changing some settings both the status bar and Quick Settings background become the same to fix this first go to Statusbar Gradient and tap on each color and then tap on the bottom right (where the color is displayed) do this for all colors and after than go to Quick Settings gradient and do the same
- Whola you have different gradients in Quick Settings and StatusBar

Credits :
- Ajit Guraya : For this MOD and everything
- Honorable Mentions : Michael Jay and Alif
[MOD][NEW] Star WarsOS For MT6582 and MT6592 - Super Awesome MOD [MOD][NEW] Star WarsOS For MT6582 and MT6592 - Super Awesome MOD Reviewed by MTK Hacker Pro on 6:33 PM Rating: 5


  1. Nice another Mod. Keep up the good work MTK Hacker Pro

  2. Bro be carefull with fuel ���� he gonna steal that right away haha

  3. The dark side doesn't need fuel

  4. The dark sid3 do3sn't n33d fu3l

  5. we can be late for you my friend

  6. The dark side doesn't need fuel

    super work bro...keep it up ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  7. there is no longer updates for MTK6572 [4.2.2]

  8. I want to ask a question to MTK PRO HACKER
    why my phone does not charging after system update 4.2.2 to 4.4.2 with "SP Flash Tool". the model of my smartphone is "Bluboo x2"?

  9. "The dark side doesn't need fuel"
    Awesome Work & You are a good Admin๐Ÿ‘Œ

  10. thanks a lot... can i apply this mod if i already use decepticon os?

  11. Bro will this Rom work in canvas nitro A310....?

    1. this is a mod and not a ROM, please read the post from the beginning, you must be running CM 12.1 V2.2, I already have CM 12.1 V2.2 for A310 in this site please search

  12. The Dark Side Doesn't Need Fuel...!!!!! XD

  13. Bro Ajit how did you Mod CM12.1? Did you disable Signature verification?

    1. no I did not, disabling signature check poses great security threats

  14. Can I flash it to cm 12.1 v2 in lava iris x8?
    The Dark side doesnot need fuel

    1. as long as it is running bugless cm 12.1 v2.2/v3

  15. Thanks for this mod Ajit, I will need to tweak a few things(mostly images) to get it showing properly on my landscape tablet but it is mostly working for me.

    Possible advice to anyone who may need it, if you stick at Starting Apps

    If you had to put your storage_list.xml into framework-res.apk when you ported CM12.1, or applied the Non-emulated storage fix, you will need to put your storage_list.xml inside the framework-res.apk (/res/xml folder) in the StarWars_MOD_Ajit_mtkroms-com.zip file.

    Unrelated to the above if your have a device with screen flip you may also need to add your ro.sf.hwrotation= line to the build.prop in StarWars_MOD_Ajit_mtkroms-com.zip.

    Those were the only issues I personally came across when flashing the unmodified zips straight onto a clean CM12.1 Bugless flash.

    I hope this helps someone, I am off to see if I can edit theme for landscape device ;)


  16. Oh, I just noticed whilst looking at your files, the boot animation seems to be packaged wrong, you are missing part2 folder which looks like it should probably contain files around 106 upwards for the loop when loading, at least thats how it appears from the desc.txt.


    1. the bootanimation is perfectly working without part2

    2. Yeah I think it might just be my device, I tried a couple of other animations from other CM12 themes and a few of the seemed to do the same thing, they run through fine once, but do not loop.

      Once again thanks for all the awesome work you are doing here :)


    3. most bootanimations are not made to loop, looping is old now haha

  17. This is the updated version of decepticon os?

  18. Bro I don't want my recent app screen to be rounded,any fix to make it cornered again ,Nice work BTW. keep it up

    1. thanks, but development on this MOD has stopped you must stick with roundedcoreners

  19. how to port to mt6572 cm12.1 exodus rom ?????????

  20. can anybody pls help how to port a rom for alcatel popd5 mt6582 ...i dont know what to do for the custpack partition

  21. do you have to uninstall my xposed to be able to flash your xposed version?


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