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Hello guys, I would like to ask you to join my Facebook group Xtreme Porting Team, It is a big community and I am very active there and provide a lot of support and there are other members there ready to help you. I am going to have exams now from Sunday so I will not be able to reply to all comments here but I will try to help you out in the group.
It's an awesome place, you will be frequently updated with new stuff, early access to many ROMs stuff and sneak peaks. It's a really fun place. 

You can share your guides and ROMs, I will make sure to feature them here. Become a part of Xtreme Porting Team !


Xtreme Porting Team Group - Official Mediatek ROMs Group Xtreme Porting Team Group - Official Mediatek ROMs Group Reviewed by MTK Hacker Pro on 3:42 PM Rating: 5


  1. Replies
    1. there is no in the block list with that name, infact only a few people (10-20) are banned for sharing adult content and facebook like hack pages

  2. Hello Friend!
    Among the owners of devices MTK lot of Russian users. I suggest to make a group on the social network vk.com (my page vk.com/no_alc), and even better on the court 4pda.ru (an analogue of xda). Ready to help with the translation (by Google Translate on Russian Language) and the development of the group. Russians do not like facebook . Now I am a customer TCL IDOL X + with CM12.1 Bugless. Thank you for your firmware !

    1. sure I will do that after my exams

    2. Hello friaend!
      What about group on vk.com on russian?

    3. I still have exams, wait till monday-tuesday

  3. Mt6572 4.4.2 bugless rom ported upload bro please

  4. Please unban your offical group i didnt anything ? Name :kutlay sarımehmet


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