[5.1.1][BUGLESS] Temasek's CyanogenMod 12.1 For MT6582

Temasek CM 12.1 For MT6582

Temasek is an aftermarket ROM for MT6582 devices based on Lollipop 5.1.1, It has many new features. Highly optimized, fast, smooth and stable. Everything is perfectly working. This is built from source. This ROM has amazing battery life and is in a league of it's own. Definitely suggested to try out this ROM 
Note : This ROM can be ported to All MT6582 devices running Android Kitkat with 3.4.67 kernel

Always give link of the official thread by Rohan and give credits to everyone mentioned below in the Thanks To section, if you decide to port and share

Resurrection Remix 5.5.9 Bugless For MT6582 *Latest*

Resurrection Remix 5.5.9 Bugless For MT6592 *Latest*
Please go the below download link and press the Thank You button to show your support for Rohan's hard work. It will encourage him to continue his work.

All screenshots are in the XDA thread 
- All CM 12.1 Features + Temasek Feautres
- OnTheGo Mode
- 3 finger gesture screenshot
- OTA's (not for mt6582, certainly - it's Unofficial port)
- Unified F2FS & ext4
- Lockscreen Gestures
- OmniSwitch
- AppBar
- App Circle bar
- Gestures Anywhere
- Heads Up Notifications
- Network traffic meter
- DPI Settings
- Based on latest Sources
- Super smooth
- More stable and smoother than CM 12.1 Bugless V3
- App2SD is working perfectly
- Run HD games without crashes
- Video Recording working in stock camera (Default CM camera)
- USSD working
- GPS working
- Stability improvements
- Super fast boot up
- Super fast App optimization
- Themes working
- SMS working
- No longer need to reboot for apps to appear in App Drawer
- No network drops
- And so much more, everything which you expect to get working in your stock ROM is working in this ROM
- For more information about Temasek please refer to the original Temasek CM 12.1 maintainer thread : Click Here
- ERROR 404 No More Bugs not found
Step by Step guide : Click Here
Steps :
Replace all files from stock to port
- /system/lib/libmali.so
- /system/lib/hw/hwcomposer.mt6582.so
- /boot.img/kernel (after decompiling)

Only replace /boot.img/ramdisk/uevented.rc if ROM is stuck in boot logo or device is flashing (do not replace if it is not necessary)

If stuck at starting apps or Android is upgrading then replace :-
- /framework-res.apk/res/xml/storage_list.xml

- /bin/vold
- /bin/sdcard
Reflash whole ROM with the new changes it is suggested that you replace these files from the previous Bugless CM 12.1 for MT6582 build

Join my FB Group for Early access, Updates on this ROM and more support :
- Fire855 - First bootable Cyanogenmod 12.1
- Rohan Taneja - Built Temasek
- Temasek
- Team Roger That *LOL* :
- Ajit Guraya, Pawan Diyal, Diparth Shah, Ashutosh Dubey, Waseem Maya, Ankit Bhatnagar (They helped a lot, without them this ROM would not be possible)
[5.1.1][BUGLESS] Temasek's CyanogenMod 12.1 For MT6582 [5.1.1][BUGLESS] Temasek's CyanogenMod 12.1 For MT6582 Reviewed by MTK Hacker Pro on 2:29 PM Rating: 5


  1. Wow that's fast. Well Great Job MTK HACKER PRO and the others who made this Rom :)

  2. camera not working only black screen comes and says unfortunately camera stopped working when i try again it says cant connect to camera -_- and tried everything in guide and didnt worked elese everything working fine -_- my phone model = panasonic p55 novo 2 gb ram model -_-

  3. I love this site, always having latest roms for mt6582.
    I love your work Ajit for mediatek community.

  4. How fix camera and gps? I did everything and nothing happens

  5. Video Recording not working for me...Tried replacing Cameracustom.so libdpframework...etc..Any suggestion bro?

  6. Sorry I know this comment is not suposed to be here but please its a request.

    Please where can I get compatible Costom roms to port for my MT6795 device?
    Kernel 3. 10. 72+
    64bit device
    android 5. 1. 1.
    Please I will really appreciate.
    Here is my email
    Thank you.

  7. bro why u don't bring up with kernel 3.10.54 ROMs for mtk6582

  8. wow awesome brow, only one bug for my device, bluetooth not turned on (not work). how to fix that (what file for replacing)...

    btw, everything its work flawless..

    please reply or i punch you.. XD


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