[5.1.1][BUGLESS] Mokee OpenSource Project For MT6582

Mokee OS For MT6582

Presenting you another bugless ROM for MT6582, Mokee is an OpenSource Android ROM based on real Lollipop. This ROM is smooth, fast and stable. Definitely worth a port.
Note : This ROM can be ported to all MT6582 devices Running Android Kitkat with kernel 3.4.67

Note : Always give link of the original thread and give proper credits 

All screenshots, Features, Download links can be found in the original XDA thread by my friend Rohan Taneja
Go and press the thank you button, to show your appreciation
Download : Click Here

Step by Step guide : Click Here
Steps :
Replace all files from stock to port
- /system/lib/libmali.so
- /system/lib/hw/hwcomposer.mt6582.so
- /boot.img/kernel (after decompiling)

Only replace /boot.img/ramdisk/uevented.rc if ROM is stuck in boot logo or device is flashing (do not replace if it is not necessary)

If stuck at starting apps or Android is upgrading then replace :-
- /framework-res.apk/res/xml/storage_list.xml

- /bin/vold
- /bin/sdcard
Reflash whole ROM with the new changes it is suggested that you replace these files from the previous Bugless CM 12.1 for MT6582 build

Credits :
- Rohan Taneja : For building this ROM

- Pawan Diyal : For his awesome bug fixes- Team Roger That : Rohan Taneja, Pawan Diyal, Ajit Guraya, Waseem Maya, Vipul Jha, Ashutosh Dubey - For bug fixing, This ROM is a team effort ;)
- Mokee Devs/Team : For making such an awesome ROM
[5.1.1][BUGLESS] Mokee OpenSource Project For MT6582 [5.1.1][BUGLESS] Mokee OpenSource Project For MT6582 Reviewed by MTK Hacker Pro on 6:01 PM Rating: 5

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  1. Well done! MTK HACKER PRO for bringing us another bugless Lollipop ROM :) . Can i ask something, I never tried Mokee open source before so is this Rom better the other cm based Rom?


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