[6.0.1][BETA][UPDATE] CyanogenMod 13 For MT6582 - Permissive Selinux

CyanogenMod 13 For MT6582

CM13 for MT6582 is an aftermarket ROM based on Android Marshmallow. CM 13 for MT6582 is now more stable and can be used as a daily driver. This is also the latest build of Cyanogenmod 13. To know what's working and what's not working, look for it down below. ROM is really really smooth and has Multi-window as well. Overall, this ROM can be used as a daily driver now as Camera and Video recording are now working thanks to all the contributors.
Note : This ROM can be ported to any MT6582 device running Android Kitkat 4.4.x with kernel 3.4.67
If you want to port this ROM and share then please give the link of original post along with proper credits ! http://www.mtkroms.com/2016/03/stable-cyanogenmod-13-v2-for-mt6582.html
Notes :
1) My only request is that do not at any cost forget to give proper credits. All credits are mentioned below
2) It only takes a few minutes to steal the ROM but it will take you months to request the developers to start working on development again. Many devs stopped working and sharing their codes just because of kanging and I do not want that to happen again.
3) CM 13 could have become more stable till now if it weren't for kangers who forced the devs to stop their work.

Changelog :

2016-04-06 :
- Permissive Selinux
- Camera and Video recording working on Stock Camera
- Stability Improvements
- More Stable RIL and WiFi

2016-04-04 :
- Camera and Video recording fix
- New API Level 6 (Fig)
- Minor Bug Fixes

Credits :
Ferhung - The guy behind CM13 for MTK and deserves all the thanks 
Diparth Shah
Karim Gahgah, Ajit Guraya - Camera and Video Recording Fix 
Ajit Guraya - Compiling ROM From Source
Aniruddha Adhikary - For his amazing USSD Fix
Team Roger That - Ajit Guraya, Diparth Shah, Pawan Diyal, Ashutosh Dubey, Waseem Maya, Ankit Bhatangar, Rohan Taneja, Vipul Jha, Pranav Reddy 
Required blobs for Camera and Video Fix (Really huge thanks) :
nofearnohappy, Varun Chitre, Ariafan, Vald.masti, Fire855, Alex

What's Working :
Video Recording - Working with stock camera app ! (You need to change camera quality to 720P in camera settings)
SMS (Receive and Send both working)
Dual SIM
Screen Recording
Both storages (SD and Internal) mounting in both Phone and PC
720P working in youtube

Bugs :
GPS (partially working)
RIL is unstable sometimes
Few bugs here and there (might or might not be noticeable)
Download : CyanogenMod 13 For MT6582 (2016-04-07)
Gapps : Click Here
Please flash Gapps right after you flash CM13
USSD Fix : Click Here
Add telephony-common.jar from above fix to /system/framework/ and reboot (it will optimize again so boot up can take time, do not worry)

Video Proof of everything working :

Step by Step guide : Click Here (Follow from Step 1 till Step 15 and come back here and follow below guide)

Replace files from your Stock ROM to CM13
In /system/lib/ :
- libMali.so
- hwcomposer.mt6582.so
- libaudio.primary.default.so
- libcameracustom.so
- libcamalgo.so
- libcamdrv.so

In /system/bin/ :
- gsm* (all files with the name gsm)
- rild (replace rild from working cm12.1)

In /system/etc/ :
- bluetooth, firmware, wifi (replace entire folder)

In boot.img :
- kernel/zimage
- ueventd.rc
[6.0.1][BETA][UPDATE] CyanogenMod 13 For MT6582 - Permissive Selinux [6.0.1][BETA][UPDATE] CyanogenMod 13 For MT6582 - Permissive Selinux Reviewed by MTK Hacker Pro on 11:08 PM Rating: 5


  1. The MTK world would be a dark place without people like you. Keep up the good work!

  2. all of u guys r working hard!! I am sure we'll have bugless cm 13 one day.. :)

  3. Thanks for this.. :-) w8ng for 6592.. :-)

    1. unfortunately camera fix is not working in MT6592 :/ but we are working on it, it can take some time

  4. Thank you for the assembly. 8MP camera is a maximum, though I have 12.1 13mp. It is possible something to solve this problem?

    1. you have to stick with 8MP otherwise camera will not work for you

  5. Again, you keep surprising us with your unending devotion, to ensure that we all enjoy our devices.

    Keep up the good work.
    I want to ask a question, it might sound odd, but please indulge me.

    I want to know, if it's possible to upload the patch fix done on the camera alone, without downloading the entire rom again?

    I am asking this because, some of us are on limited data, so we tend to apply caution when downloading things. I am sorry, if my post sounds crude.

    1. a patch will not be possible as the whole ROM was updated to r22 from previous r17(snapshot)

  6. wooow you guys are the best
    thnk you so much for your hard work
    i don't want to sound rude but does the vpn work properly here ?? :/
    sorry i just use vpn so much so i don't need to pay for data :p

    1. sorry but VPN does not work. It will never work until some kernel hack is applied for which you need kernel source and it is device specific (this is what I think, form my experience)

  7. my mtp doesn't work. only ptp does? any ideas on how to fix it? i followed the instructions carefully in porting it. thanks for your hardwork on this rom. really appreciate what you did for us mtk users :)

    1. for MTP, you need to open notifications and click on the second notification and select MTP and MTP will work

  8. awesome work as always, who said mtk dont have roms, when ajit bro is here!!!

  9. Replies
    1. still not possible to fix camera in mt6592

  10. Can you fix megafon operator? Sim not work(((, but on 12.1 cm work perfectly...

    1. did you port according to the guide above ? Also, did you do a clean install by wiping data and cache ?

    2. Hello, I'm so thankful for you amazing roms:) Now I'm using Bugless V3 CM12.1 and my 6582 device is having only 1200 mAh battery, so cm13's innovation caled "Doze" is necessary for me. And I've ported it succesfuly using your porting guide. And everything on cm13 working perfectly, but my YOTA simcard (Yota is a part of Megafon) isn't detecting..:(
      My actions: Following your porting guide -> Wiping system, data, all caches -> Installing Ported ROM and then GApps. -> Wiping all caches for a good luck:) -> Succes booting, editing build.prop for 233 dpi, opening developer options and turning on advanced optiond for reboot menu. Rebooting and sim card still not working... (P.S. imei wasn't lost)

    3. Megafon has lot of issues with CM13 as RIL is unstable

    4. Thank u for ur fastest reply and also for hardwork, wanna hope that this RIL will work perfect:)

  11. Replies
    1. do a clean flash and port according to the above guide !

  12. Hi :) really man, thanks a lot man you are a boss :) keep your works going, you are amazing !
    It's the very first time that I port a rom so sorry for this question, but is replacing kernel/zimage and ueventd.rc in stock to cm 13 in boot.img really important ? cause I think we already did that in your step by step guide. Also if we didn't, how do we do that then ? .-. sorry for that dumb question x)

    1. you only need to replace kernel and ueventd.rc once, replacing it the second time would do the same exact thing

  13. Ported it successfully for my device. Thanks to Ajit and Ismail bro for their utmost help. Thanks to the developers for this butter. Loved it.

  14. Thanks developer , why migrate to China 's mt6582 baseband normal , but there is no signal , the model is honor 3c, I very like Android 6.0 aaaaaa~

    1. RIL is unstable and does not work well in China :/

  15. Can I just not go through all the hassle and flash directly from the ZIP? Or I have to really go through the painful process of using Android Kitchen and all that? I'm on CM 12.1 instead of stock Android KitKat on Lenovo A536

    1. you can flash without going through the hassle but you will brick your device

  16. Make some space for me, I need to introduce a man, a champion and a superb Porter. He's Ajiiiiiit. Thanks man, that ussd fix worked, one time, without trying a second time.

    I am truly sorry, if I am making too much noise, just want to appreciate you. I will keep using this rom and be updating this page, should I find any issue. Thanks man, you are blessed.

  17. Su trabajo es digno de admiración simplemente sorprendente mi sincero agradecimiento para los desarrolladores... Espero que con el tiempo su trabajo resulte en una cyanogenmod 13 estable para los dispositivos muchas gracias

  18. Hey there!
    Any future updates of the ROM? GPS fixes? Any development on that one?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. http://www.mtkroms.com/2016/08/cyanogenmod-13-for-mt6582.html


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