[6.0.1][AOSP][LAYERS][STABLE] BrokenOS For MT6582

BrokenOS For MT6582

BrokenOS for MT6582 is an aftermarket ROM based on AOSP Android Marshmallow. This ROM is based on Google AOSP codes and has the ability to use RRO Layers. This ROM is super smooth and has an amazing battery backup and awesome RAM management along with tons of cool features. This ROM is very different from any of the CM based ROMs you have used before. Definitely must try this ROM. All SS and feature SS are given below. This ROM is compiled from source by Ajit Guraya(ME)
USSD, Calls, Camera, Video Recording, SMS, Bluetooth and other needed features are working in this ROM and it can be used as a daily driver.

Note : This ROM can be ported to any MT6582 device running Android Kitkat 4.4.x with kernel 3.4.67

If you want to port this ROM and share then please give the link of original post along with proper credits ! THIS IS A MUST http://www.mtkroms.com/2016/05/aosp-layers-brokenos-mm-for-mt6582.html
Notes :
1) My only request is that do not at any cost forget to give proper credits and you must add link of this post when you share your ROMs. All credits are mentioned below
2) It only takes a few minutes to steal the ROM but it will take you months to request the developers to start working on development again. Many devs stopped working and sharing their codes just because of kanging and I do not want that to happen again.
3) I repeat again, please appreciate the hard work done by all the developers, do not share this ROM without giving credits. How hard is it to add the name of the people who worked hard on this ROM in your posts ?

Credits :
BrokenOS Developers for their one of a kind ROM https://dysfunctionalroms.net/
Ferhung - The man behind CM13 for MT6582
Fire855 - Another legend
Diparth Shah
Ajit Guraya - Compiled BrokenOS for MT6582 from source and fixed camera !
Minh Quoc and Karim Gahgah - For video recording fix
Aniruddha Adhikary - For his amazing USSD Fix
Team Roger That - Ajit Guraya, Diparth Shah, Pawan Diyal, Ashutosh Dubey, Waseem Maya, Ankit Bhatangar, Rohan Taneja, Vipul Jha, Pranav Reddy 
Required blobs (Really huge thanks) :
nofearnohappy, Varun Chitre, Ariafan, Vlad.masti, Fire855, Alex
Source Code : https://github.com/BrokenROM

What's Working :
Video recording in stock/google camera is working with 1080P !
Audio in calls
SMS (Receive and Send both working)
RIL is now more stable
Dual SIM
Screen Recording
Both storages (SD and Internal) mounting in both Phone and PC
720P working in youtube

Bugs :
GPS - Partially working

Full Information about BrokenOS, It's features list and information about it's 4 themeing modes : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RmlK3yStDbBHzR9ByQyFobbdCrAXQOyTBCVU6TW4s5w/edit?usp=sharing
NOTE : Do Not Update Layers App from play store ! Use the existing Layers Manager in the ROM without updating
Download : GAPPS
(Follow flashing instructions below)
SS Of All BrokenOS features and SS of all themeing modes : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-uqw2dE255KLWdYWm9oTk93djQ
- Port the ROM for your device using the porting guide below
- Flash the ROM
- Flash GAPPS directly after flashing the ROM
- Reboot
- Once the ROM has booted, go to Settings
- Turn ON Advanced Reboot from Settings>Broken Pieces>Power Menu
- Reboot your device to Recovery Mode
- Flash the SuperSU ZIP from the above BrokenOS Download Link
- Flash SuperSU
- Reboot
- Enjoy
Pro TIP : When applying layers, it is recommended to switch to Light Mode from Settings>Display>Theme
Layers Can be downloaded from Play Store by searching "Layers themes" and XDA Developers

Step by Step guide : Click Here (Follow from Step 1 till Step 15 and come back here and follow below guide)

Replace files from your Stock ROM to CM13
In /system/lib/ :
- libMali.so
- hwcomposer.mt6582.so
- libaudio.primary.default.so
- libcameracustom.so
- libcamalgo.so
- libcamdrv.so
- libfeatureio.so

In /system/bin/ :
- gsm* (all files with the name gsm)
- rild (replace rild from working cm12.1)

In /system/etc/ :
- bluetooth, firmware, wifi (replace entire folder)

In boot.img :
- kernel/zimage
- Replace only camera lines under #Camera from stock boot.img init.rc to init.mt6582_common.rc

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