[GUIDE] Complete MTK 64Bit Porting Guide

MTK 64Bit Porting Guide

Presenting you a fully verified porting guide for all MTK MT67XX devices. Using this guide you can port ROMs from other MT67XX devices to you MT67XX device.

Using this guide you can port from the same chipset for example : MT6753 to MT6753 and so on
Custom ROMs for MT67XX coming soon ! Brace yourselves
Things You Need :
- Working folder in Android Kitchen : Steps in the above link
- Stock ROM : The ROM your device came with
- Port ROM : The ROM you want to port

Porting ROMs from same chipset/processor/CPU :

- Extract Port ROM zip
- Get your stock ROM
Replace from Stock ROM to Port ROM :
-  /system/etc/firmware
-  /system/etc/mddb
-  /system/lib/hw/camera.mt67xx.so
- /system/lib64/hw/camera.mt67xx.so
- /system/lib/hw/audio_policy.default.so

From /system/lib/ and /system/lib64/ replace :
- libcameracustom.so
- libaudiocomponentengine.so
- libaudiocustparam.so
- libnvram.so
- libnvramagentclient.so
- libnvram_platform.so
- libnvram_sec.so
- libcustom_nvram.so

In boot.img :
- Place Port ROM boot.img in working folder
- Open Android Kitchen
- Type 0
- Type 12
- Type w
- Type a
- Place Stock ROM boot.img in the newly created folder called bootimg_xxxx_xxxx
- Copy and paste zimage from bootimg_xxxx_xxxx to BOOT_EXTRACTED
- Type b
- Copy boot.img from working folder to your port ROM

Now ZIP and flash the ROM via a custom recovery !

BUG Fixing :
- To Fix Camera and Bluetooth : Follow this guide

Credits :
All credits to Sandeep Sethi

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